Biomóvel is the newest concept in furniture. The only that proceeds in your production rigorous sustentabilidade beginnings.

The creation of this concept is resulted of a research deepened regarding processes already used by manufacturers of pieces of furniture in other countries and also in other sections. We see the prefix ´bio´ associated to several products, like ´biojóias ´, bioartesanato and ´biodiesel´. Why don’t diffuse this begginings associated to the furniture, together with the sustentabilidade concept, that is, to do with less and with a clean production?

Biomóvel is a process of projecting products and systems of products to minimize the environmental impacts in all the phases of the life cycle. The strategy of Biomóvel integrates all the levels of development of the product, associating competitive advantages in terms of saving of the used materials, reduction of the production residues and also of marketing.

The concept leaves of the processes that follow the birth, the life, the death of a product and your renaissance, with the recycling or re-utilization of your parts. Such processes are schematized in the following phases:

1. Pré-production, where the materials used in the production are produced.

2. Production, understood as transformation of the materials, assembly, finish.

3. Distribution, that includes the packing, the transport and the storage.

4. Utilization, that can also include the maintenance.

5. Final destiny, that foresees a series of options of final disposition, as the re-use and the recycling. In the creation phases and production of the furniture, some fundamental aspects should be considered:

• to Project products multi-functions.

• to Avoid the watefulness.

• to Choose productive processes that reduce the consumption of materials.

• to Optimize the consumption of energy in the production.

• to Use package recycling.