Plantation of Pinus

The understanding and the respect with the environment stimulated Móveis Katzer to invest in the preservation of native forests, being among your priorities the conservation of those areas protecting besides the forest, the rivers and the wild life of the place.

The planting of renewable wood is the alternative to supply your needs of raw material, having today wood as Eucalyptus and Pínus in your planted areas, properly regularized and projected by responsible and qualified professionals for not causing impact to the environment.

Beyond the concern for forestry conservation and the use of renewable raw materials, Móveis Katzer LTDA maintains a monitoring program of awareness and use of electricity. This program has as main goals the elimination of waste and the racional use of natural resources and energy. We seek to raise awareness our employees to take preventive actions of economy of natural resources both at work and at home.

Controlled Wood Policy

Plantation of Pínus
Photos reforestation
Reforestation photo 1
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